↓ Premiere of "The Residence of Sauze Street" at Jockey Plaza's Cinemark July 16, 2022
La Residencia de Sauze (The Residence of Sauze Street)
PG-13 (Moderate Blood)
4K       23,976 fps         Stereo (320kbps)    2022
Directed & Written by Emilio Campoverde
Produced by Club Saeta for PAP of Full Sail University
Español - English subtitles available
Film Final Senior Thesis
9:33 min
4K    23.976 fps.   Stereo.    2023
A non-dialog short film
4:28 min
4K    23.976 fps.   Stereo.    2022
Beyond Film (Trailer)
Documentary about Jorge German, founder of VTR company "Video Lions" who has worked on big projects such as Stranger Things, Avengers Endgame, Black Panther, Gemini Man, Black Widow, etc.
(Full documentary on hold for film festivals)
The Ball (one-shot film)
Short film created & recorded in one hour
3:32 min
4K    Stereo.    Sep 5, 2023
Just an hour earlier
Short film made as VFX & Production practice for FSU
13:18 min
4K    Stereo.    2022
The Ghost 
3:38 min
1080p    24fps.   Stereo.    2021
Quarantine Games (Juegos de Cuarentena)
Created for CINESTESIA's quarantine short film contest
4K.   23,976fps.   Stereo.   2020
Video: Un poco del Saeta
AIRAMESOJ (An improvised movie)
4K.   24fps.   Stereo.   2020

This movie was specifically created for the MIF 2020 Film Festival.
The coronavirus lockdown made it impossible to produce, so ALL scenes in the film are completely improvised and pieced together with a plot created AFTER filming.

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